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Posted on Mar 4 2015 - 11:36pm by Kelly
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NO Weights. NO Jumps. Just HARDCORE Results.

PiYo is a super effective program that everyone can do- and it still delivers real results! After finishing FOCUS T25, which is very high impact/high intensity, I was ready for a change of pace! PiYo is just what I needed- it’s low impact/lower intensity, but still effective at burning calories and toning your body. PiYo combines the best moves from Pilates and Yoga, with an amped-up pace to give you the hardcore definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength that you’d get from extreme programs- without jumps, without weights, and without destroying your body.


Celebrity fitness trainer Chalene Johnson guides you through the entire 60-day program. You’ll receive three DVD’s that contain TEN separate workouts:

  • Align: The Fundamentals
  • Define: Lower Body
  • Define: Upper Body
  • Sweat
  • Core
  • Buns
  • Strength Intervals
  • Drench
  • Sculpt
  • BONUS workout: TurboFire Low HIIT 20

The workouts range from 20-45 minutes long, six days a week. Yes, you get one rest day! Follow the included PiYo calendar, and each week is perfectly designed to get you the greatest results.

PiYo Workout Calendar

You’ll also receive the PiYo Get Lean Eating Plan to teach you what your body needs to feel satisfied and nourished as you build lean muscle and burn calories. This guide will spell out exactly what- and how much- to eat in a simple, convenient way, allowing you to throw together quick, easy (and nutritious) meals.


PiYo is perfect for anyone who wants to burn fat and get toned fast- without high-impact pounding or complex choreography. Trust me, I am not coordinated at all, and I could do all the moves! Plus, every workout features a modifier, so you can start at the level that’s right for you. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, PiYo will challenge you and change your body.


PiYo takes you through stretching, strengthening, and bodyweight resistance-based exercises, at a fast, flowing pace- to sculpt and define every muscle, while burning major calories! Training using your own body weight promotes lean muscle development for definition and strength- without the bulk. And with intense, nonstop cardio, you’ll burn calories, vaporize fat, and elevate your metabolic rate for the ultimate body transformation.

Check out this video to see PiYo in action:


All you need is a yoga mat, towel, water, and a space wide enough to take a step in each direction. That’s it!

PiYo What You Need

Are you ready to get started? If you are interested in ordering PiYo, click here for more information! Or email me at socalmommysd@gmail.com – I would LOVE to be your Free Coach as you begin your journey towards a fit & healthy lifestyle!

Your PiYo Coach


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