Easy Beginner Centerpieces For Candy Buffets

Posted on Mar 1 2017 - 4:00pm by Kelly
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Because Every Candy Buffet Needs a Fabulous Centerpiece

Everyone is using candy buffets instead of traditional dessert tables for weddings, parties, and celebrations. They are beautiful, fun, and exciting!

The centerpiece is the first thing your guests will notice, so having a really unique centerpiece makes a huge difference. But, they look incredibly difficult to make if you are a beginner. Well, good news! They are not difficult. You just have to know how to make them.

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We will share some ideas with you that will blow your mind! Your candy buffet will be remembered for a long time. And, don’t be surprised if your friends start asking you to do theirs too.

Tips to Get Started:

  • Height matters
    • Your candy buffet is going to have an overall triangular shape. The centerpiece is directly in the center of the table with tall jars behind it and medium jars on either side and small jars or trays in front. This is why your centerpiece should have height, and enough width to stand out.
  • Step outside the box with the centerpiece
    • Your candy buffet will consist of two or three colors. Add splashes of additional colors to the centerpiece to draw attention to it. Add texture and depth with ribbons, stems, wands, feathers or whatever you are working with.
  • Anything goes
    • While a candy centerpiece is popular, you can also use a beautiful flower arrangement, candles, plants, statues, tiered dishes of treats, and any props that tie in with the theme of your candy buffet.
  • Consider the temperature
    • Before you use candles, chocolates, and other items that react to heat, consider the temperature your centerpiece is exposed to. This includes the  temperature of the venue or outdoors, any special lights, and if the table is set-up near a heat source.
  • Bulk candy
    • You will tie the candy in your centerpiece with jars. This kind of a centerpiece will get a special accent by adding colorful candy in layers in the jars. Once you have decided on your centerpiece, determine what candy you will need and order it with your bulk candy order.


Fun I
deas for Centerpieces:

Lollipop Tree
Creating a lollipop tree is an easy DIY centerpiece. By using a flowerpot and styrofoam (available at any craft store) you arrange the lollipops in a tree shape. Tie small ribbons around the lollipops and allow them to hand down through the “plan”. Don’t forget to paint and decorate the pot to match the table.

Barbie Candy Dress
This DIY project is fun and every little girl approves. Make a dress of candy and place the decked out Barbie in the center of the table.

Candy Bottle Rockets
This is one of our favorites. You can use any colors and with a few sticks and gummies, you can create a jar full of bottle rockets to use as a centerpiece

Candy Corn Sphere
This is a pretty and fun centerpiece for any occasion. Create a large circular sphere with pointed edges of the candy corn Orange is great for fall, but candy corn comes in pastels also.


There are plenty of ideas for candy buffet centerpieces on the Internet, so do your research and make the right centerpiece for your one of a kind buffet.

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Have you created a candy buffet for a special event? Share any tips in the comments below!

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