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Posted on Oct 2 2015 - 5:44pm by Kelly
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Get Brows that WOW at Benefit Brow Bar

Let’s talk brows! I have not touched a pair of tweezers in the past two years thanks to the Benefit Brow Bar. I have been getting my eyebrows done regularly and could not be happier with the results!

Benefit Brow Bar

Before Benefit Brow Bar, I used to pluck my eyebrows almost every day- the second I saw a stray hair, I grabbed my tweezers. As a result, I seriously over-plucked, leaving my eyebrows too thin, very uneven, and just a hot mess! But now thanks to the experts at Benefit Brow Bar, my eyebrows are completely even, filled in where there used to be gaps, and in the perfect shape to flatter my face. I leave my appointment looking polished and feeling pretty and put-together- every single time!

A Benefit brow wax takes about 15 minutes total. Every service begins with their signature technique called Brow Mapping. Brow mapping is a 3-step process that helps determine the most ideal eyebrow shape for any face while taking each of YOUR key features into account. This will tell you exactly where your eyebrows should start, where the arch should be, and where they should end. Each point is marked with an eyebrow pencil and any hair outside of the marks will be removed with hot wax. Don’t worry- it doesn’t hurt! Each waxing strip is removed within seconds, so it’s over before you know it.

Check out this Benefit Brow Bar video to see how it works:

After the waxing is over, your brow expert will apply cooling gel to soothe the area, followed by some cover-up to conceal any redness (which should fade within 15-30 minutes). They’re also always happy to show you and apply any of Benefit’s amazing eyebrow products, like my personal favorite, Gimme Brow– a brow-volumizing fiber gel. It’s like mascara for your brows!

Benefit Gimme Brow Medium-Dark

One quick note: Before your brow wax, you must sign a release form confirming that you are not currently using Retin A, Retinol (any form of vitamin A), antibiotics, or benzoyl peroxide (clinical grade). Please consult your physician to determine if waxing services are safe for you.

Benefit Brow Bars are located in select Sephora, Ulta Beauty stores, or inside Macy’s department stores at the Benefit Cosmetics counter. To find the location nearest you, click here. The cost for a brow wax is $21, and you can leave a tip for your brow expert if, like me, you love what they’ve done for your brows!

If you live in northern San Diego, go see my girl Makenzy at Westfield North County inside Macy’s at the Benefit Cosmetics counter. Call 760-489-2336 for an appointment!

Benefit Brow Bar

Have you been to the Benefit Brow Bar? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

— Kelly

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  1. Diana October 5, 2015 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    OBSESSED with the gimme brow product. I will not leave the house without it.

    Tip for the location in the Macy’s Fashion Valley: They only accept cash tips. Don’t be like me having to run around the mall for an ATM.

    • Kelly October 7, 2015 at 3:10 am - Reply

      Yes, that is a great tip and true for all Macy’s locations, thank you for thinking of that! I know you can add a tip on your credit card at Ulta locations so that’s always more convenient than remembering to bring cash! 🙂

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